We at J. P. Jay Associates are pleased to announce the renovation of the Murrysville Public Library’s children area is finished and the transformation is outstanding. This project brought together the library furnishings experience of J. P. Jay Associates with the amazing design vision of Design 3 out of Monroeville Pennsylvania to create a children’s area that is just inspiring. The project added an additional space of the existing area of 510 to 700 square feet.While the space is not overly expansive, the shifting of the shelving and the modification in height by J. P. Jay Associates skilled library installation team has created an open and much larger feeling space. The library had existing Space Saver and Library Bureau steel book stack. J. P. Jay Associates cut the sections of shelving from 66″H to 48″H on some of the rows to give the area a more open feeling and save the library the cost of buying all new shelving. We recommended the use of face out shelving and suggested the library use M. J. Industries System 30 shelving. The we added new counter tops and end panels to finish off the shelving. In the new seating area we added furnishings from HLF furniture, Arcadia seating, Allermuir and Cape Contract seating to finish off the space.One of the new and exciting concepts that were added by the library is the inclusion of a new touch screen Opac station. They acheived this relatively inexpensively by using an IPAD which is much less expensive than many of the touch screen Opac systems out there. Incase Apple is not your cup of tea, you can acheive the same desired results by using and Android system table. It all depends on your IT departments likes and dislikes. Countless mounting units are available out there to keep your tablet mounted and secured to the wall.

Please look at some of the before and after shots below and J. P. Jay Associates wishes the children of Murrysville many happy years to come.


Above you can see the space in its original form. While Murrysville had a nice area for their children. The need for storing books forced them to occupy a lot of real library real estate. The shelving you see if a mix of library bureau and Space Save steel book stack at 66″H all around.