Library Cafe Furniture

What truly makes a modern library function is the library cafe. A widespread and popular concept, they’ve become a mainstream part of libraries throughout the nation in recent years. Merging the social actions of eating and drinking coffee with reading books and studying builds a connection that builds the library community. We develop innovative designs for library cafe furniture that highlights a modern feel while matching to the style of any library.

As a leader in the industry of furnishing and developing floor plans for library cafes, it remains one of our specialties. We know what goes into creating a social space that flows well with the rest of the library and combines the two. This makes going to the cafe synonymous with going to the library, and vice versa. Check out a catalog of our modern inspired library cafe furniture.

If you’re looking for the best library furniture for your redesign project, we do more than designing and installing furnishings. We also develop custom floor plans to completely transform any library. Contact the library professionals at J.P. Jay Associates for our variety of services.