Well the time is finally here, after what has seemed a long and very exciting time, J. P. Jay Associates has installed the furniture for the new North Pocono Public Library in Moscow PA. I am particularly excited about this project. I have worked with Susan Jeffery (director) and her staff to create a library that screams of Pennsyvlania’s Poconos with a design flair. Upon entering the library the patrons will be greeted by a beautiful Lisbon Bench by TMC furniture (out of Ann Arbor Michigan, with cutouts and inlays of laminate.

As you proceed further into the library you are greeted by the two toned raised panel custom circulation desk by TMC furniture. To the right of the circulation desk, is the two toned panel business center.

If you look to the left you will see in the corner the artistic creativity of Rachel Slick who is the artist behind the reading tree that sits there. In the kids room we used M.J. Industries System 30 shelving with wood endpanels and High pressure laminate tops with wood edge by TMC. This is accompanied by TMC furniture Algonquin Tables and chairs by Community seating. The wood color selected for this area is TMC Light Oak and the Community

To the back corner behind the business center is the teen area that is sure to impress with the use of custom tile end panels from Arley tile and built by TMC. The tables in the area are the TMC Yuma table with Community seating.

As we go further right into the adult area, it is such a wonder to behold. You will see the raised paneling endpanels on the M J Industries system 30 shelving. The color in this area is primarily TMC Tuscany 18. The tables are mission style and slatted round with custom wood covered café tables creating the feel of contemporary rustic. The seating is by Jasper Chair.

To give this library the rustic woodsie feel that the library wanted to achieve we went with oak as the wood species. It was suggested that oak be used because it has more of a grain to it than maple and also takes stain better than maple. Why is that important? Well in the past when dark staining maple I have had to have furniture toned because maple takes stain funny and will sometimes stripe with dark stains. Also the cathedral in the oak gives to the ombiance the library was trying to get.

I really want to give credit to Susan and the staff of North Pocono Public Library. They did the color selecting on their own and picked their finishes. As you can see the end result is outstanding. I would also like to give credit to Tom Horlacher (the architect on this project) as well as Joe Discipio ( the owners representative) as they were a pleasure to work with and between the 4 parties involved I believe the look desired by the North Pocono staff was achieved.

It is always my hope that when working with a library staff as great as North Pocono they are as pleased with my work as I am with working with them. I always feel they can share their story better than I ever will be able to. Please read below in Susan Jeffery’s own words her experience working with with J. P. Jay Associates.

July 26, 2013

J.P. Jay Associates, Inc.
Attn. Mr. Jim Malise
1313 Roth Avenue
Allentown, PA 18102

Dear Jim,

When the North Pocono Public Library began planning for a new building about four years ago, I began interviewing interior furnishing companies that could help me budget and plan for the needs of a new library. I was planning for a library that would meet the needs of my community for today and well into the future. I needed to work with a company that would be honest, flexible, provide me with estimated pricing (because I needed to know how much it was going to cost so that I could go out and fund raise for this new facility). I needed to find the company I wanted to work with well before we needed to place an order for furniture.

I met and talked with several companies, and immediately, Jay Malise, rose to the occasion. He spoke of his family based company that was committed to long term projects with libraries. He would be there to work with us through the process, and would keep us updated on pricing changes, would find the type of shelving and furniture we needed, and his company could order the shelving early (when we were ready) so that he could maximize the best pricing for the library.

He was not high pressured and he did not try to persuade us to any particular style or manufacturers – early in the process he listened. And then he listened some more. He explored different products for us, and assisted us in getting connected with a public artist, Rachel Slick, who ultimately designed and created an amazing “Reading Tree” to highlight the new library’s Children’s Room.

Throughout the process, Jay and his team worked closely with our architect and planning team to coordinate how the shelving could be best laid out in the space available to provide us with good sight lines, growth room, and flexibility for different types of materials. He worked around walls that changed, windows that weren’t there and then appeared, and other challenges – unflustered and always on top of things. Jay and his team even helped us to plan where the electrical floor boxes would go so that all of the tables and study units would have optimum connectivity.

His early estimated pricing helped me to budget accordingly for the needs of our new library. He listened and sought after exactly the right kind of chairs, the right stains and the right laminate finishes to suit the style and taste of our library board and planning team.

The staff at JPJ has been accessible and accommodating throughout the entire process – and I believe that we have a beautiful library, in part, because of the dedication and high quality service provided to the library through JPJ. I am so pleased and grateful to have the opportunity to work with Jay Malise, Chris Erdossy, and the dedicated installation team led by Tim. They stand behind the products they sell, and they put the customer’s needs first.

I am attaching pictures of our beautiful new library – Thank you JPJ for doing such a great job!


Susan Jeffery
Library Director

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