Group Study Tables

The main purpose of libraries at high schools, colleges and universities is for research and learning. Providing students with the appropriate spaces to work together is an important aspect of any library. Having such an environment starts and ends with group study tables and rooms. Creating a place for students to study as a group, away from outside distractions, develops their learning and attention skills to focus on the task at hand. And the most beneficial thing is that they’re simple to establish in your library, no matter the size or space you have to work with.

Group Study Spaces

We develop these spaces with group study tables that incorporate the most important aspects needed for focused and attentive studying. Our tables are designed so everyone can easily interact and participate in group projects and study sessions.Emphasizing on circular designs to create an equal playing field, we also aim for comfort so students are able to use the space for longer periods of time. We even manufacture movable wall systems to easily incorporate these rooms without the expense of new construction.

If you’re looking for the best library furniture for your redesign project, we do more than designing and installing furnishings. We also develop custom floor plans to completely transform any library. Contact the library professionals at J.P. Jay Associates for our variety of services.