Library Display Furniture

Having interesting reading materials to display is one thing, but having the right library display shelving is what gets people’s attention. Whether it’s the latest issue of popular magazines, or national and local newspapers, our specialty display furniture brings them front and center. We work with you and the space you have available to find the perfect fit and a location that will get the most attention possible. From simple slat walls to computerized delivery devices. You can check out our full inventory of custom library displayers by clicking here.

Library Display Shelving

Demanding of attention, our display shelves don’t distract from the items, but highlight their importance to people walking by. Designed to display a variety of items, from books to magazines, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, and computers, we have shelving for anything you can display. Large or small, we have the displays to meet the needs of your library, from wood shelves to built-in magazine holders on slatted walls.

If you’re looking for the best library furniture for your redesign project, we do a lot more than just designing and installing furnishings. We also develop custom floor plans to completely transform any library. Contact the library professionals at J.P. Jay Associates for our variety of services.