November 25, 2013

I can’t say enough about the sales and service at J.P. Jay Associates. The staff have years of professional experience and you feel the benefit of that experience immediately. I first met with Chris and Jim in 2007 to do initial space planning and look at samples based on recommendations from other regional libraries. I had never done a new building project, and it was one of the best and most productive decisions I made. They take you by the hand, listen to your needs, and don’t let go until it is finished. From that point forward, they met with me, my board, and me again and again to make sure we had it “right” for the next five years. Scores of phone calls, emails, and trips were made by Chris to make sure that the plans were what I wanted. Chris took me on tours of other libraries they had done, and allowed for our library to take many ideas and customize them for exactly what we wanted. They made a shop sample of a new end panel design, sent up countless color samples, and made sure our furniture fit the vision of our new building. This was especially important to us because we were attempting to integrate new furniture with existing furniture, and the result was seamless after the old furniture was re-covered and re-laminated to match the new.

Anyone who works on a public library project knows how many years it takes from concept to finish, and after all these years, I feel like Jim & Chris and the rest of J.P. Jay’s team are part of our Pocono Mountain family. We had a very stressful building project that took its toll on me, but one thing was absolutely for certain: I never worried about my quote or service from J.P. Jay. Jim stuck by our quote and their install team was fantastic. We had to do cost cutting at one point, and Chris was very courteous and effective during a painful time. They know what it is like to do a library project and they will help you all the way through. I worried about a lot of things with our contractors and other vendors, but I never worried about J.P. Jay. Their team comes and measures everything, works with you to make sure it’s exactly the way you want it, and spends the time to clean up and remove packaging. Your furniture will be installed and your building will be ready to go. If something is not quite right, they fix it immediately. The onsite team is efficient, courteous, and excellent at trouble-shooting – again this goes back to their years of experience.

I also want to add that J.P. Jay is very solid in a crisis: about one month after our furniture was installed and we were ready to get our occupancy permit, a HVAC pipe broke and spilled thousands of gallons of water into our new building. The furniture was not damaged, but all the carpeting was. I was completely distraught. Immediately, Jim sent up his field team, and everything was moved out of the way for repairs. And a few months later, it all got put back where it was and looked perfect. If you want to have the best possible experience choosing, designing, and installing your library furnishings, go with J.P. Jay.

Ann Shincovich, Director
Pocono Mountain Public Library, Tobyhanna, PA

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