To Whom It May Concern:

The Greenwood Public Library finally opened its doors on June 24, 2014. Community leaders, elected officials and long‐time users of the “old” facility were bowled over. First, the aesthetic design warmly welcomes one in with simple elegance. Then, it becomes obvious that the design wraps around effective function. The furniture and shelving have a job to do; they need to support ‐ literally and figuratively ‐ the multiple functions of a busy public library. Our mission is accomplished.

And, J.P. Jay Associates were beside us every step of the way.

New to the construction project game, the director and I emphasized to prospective businesses our need for dependable, unbiased guidance throughout the process. Jay Malise stood out from the crowd immediately. And our instincts proved right. For over two years, Jay helped us narrow down our design, never balking at “left turns” that sent us into an altered vision. Rather, he would settle any of our worries about changes. As he often said, “It’s all about what you want, folks.”

J.P. Jay Associates walk‐the‐walk of excellent customer service. From quality products to fresh and flexible design ideas to a superior selection/installation process, they can be counted upon. What a gift when faced with a repeatedly daunting construction project!

Yours truly,
Kathy Graybeal
Sussex County Librarian
Georgetown, DE

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